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<em>Smoky Mountain Magic</em>

Smoky Mountain Magic

SMOKY MOUNTAIN MAGIC--Horace Kephart's fictional adventure set in the Deep Creek watershed, Cherokee Indian Reservation, and Bryson City in the summer of 1925. Written in 1929 and never before published. The original manuscript was passed down for 3 generations recently surfaced during the park's 75th anniversary celebration. "What better topic than a journey into a forbidden realm, complete with witches, robber barons, noble savages and a winsome lady, all wrapped in a cloak of mystery and myth?" asks reviewer Gary Carden. Kephart is featured in Ken Burn's PBS series on our national parks. He is the author of "Our Southern Highlanders", "Cherokees of the Smokies", and "Camping and Woodcraft". Available in hardcover and softcover. Read More >


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GSMA Endowment Fund

Great Smoky Mountains Association's Board of Directors established a perpetual endowment fund in 2010 formally titled "GSMA Endowment for Sustained Interpretation, Research, and Resource Protection," to support the non-profit's operational activities in the Smokies.

The GSMA Endowment Fund, or Legacy Fund for short, is primarily grown through members dues; however, it is most appreciated when our members want to do more to support our efforts and donations are accepted.

As an endowment, only interest and other investment income from the fund will be expended. Expenditures will be managed by the Executive Director and the Board of Directors, in consultation with national park management staff. The ultimate goal for the GSMA Fund is to enable us to allocate 100% of our net sales revenue to Great Smoky Mountains National Park programs and services.

"It will greatly assist us in leveling out some of the peaks and valleys in our aid contributions due to the uncertainties of the retail sales environment," said Executive Director Terry Maddox.

You can learn more about the endowment fund, by calling 1-888-898-9102 x222 or 254, or by mail to GSMA, P.O. Box 130, Gatlinburg, TN 37738.

2014 Legacy Fund Donors

Clingmans Dome Level, $5,000+
Anonymous Donor
William Hart

Le Conte Level, $2,500-$4,999
Helen Thoele Family Foundation

Cataloochee Level, $1,000-2,499
Gayland Cooper
Danny and Lenny Bernstein
Michael and Lynn Peters

Loren Rogers

John Devlin
Gregory and Brenda Rener
John Fain
Ben Adler
Dianna Hatfield
Jerry Bryant
Joan Cabe
Karen Beisel
Kenneth Bradley
Ferris Lyle
In memory of Martha Wooten
Jesse Lehn
Harry and Gail Ford
Pamela Jacob
Steve Martin
Brian and Stephanie Laake

Paul Forde
Kelli Carlton
Jim Kelley
Charles and Mary Anne Grabarczyk
George Frey
Daniel and Rosalie Russo
Arthur and Christine Sparks
Larry Taylor
Wayne Karanovich
William and Kathleen Sparkman
Ann Bullock
Aaron and Sharon Phipps
Jay Shoor
Hartwell Herring
Harry and Amy Ogden
Frank Hutton
Bonnie Harmon
Mike Peters
Grady Argo
Terry Smith
Sandra Hinko
Bailey Terry Jr.
Thomas and Claire Holland
Jammie and Mick Dennin
Ed Bowen
Bob and ChrisAnn Goossen
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Marbut
Joe Svec
Kristine Tallent
Robert and Joanne Baulch
John and Jan Ludke
Minnis Hinton
William and Carolyn Duke
Louis Jaquith
Anonymous Donor
David Haire
Valli Brigner
Anne Farkas
William Shields
Stephen and Jannette Chambers

2013 Legacy Fund Donors

$5,000+ Clingmans Dome Level
Estate of Gerald Carter
Smart Bank SmartGreen Account

$2,500-$4,999 Mt. LeConte Level
Terry and Sue Maddox

$1,000-$2,400 Cataloochee Level
Marty Vaughan
Jo and John Jones
Robert Hutson
Mr. and Mrs. William Hart Jr.
Danny and Lenny Bernstein
Tom Maxfield
Jill J. Stevens & Elizabeth Watts
Georgi and Cindy Harper

Robert and Colleen Mirgain
Warren Bielenberg
Jeff and Helen Stalder
Gayland Cooper
Michael Beach
Walt Wist
Gary Dicer
Mr. and Mrs. Koepper
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Young
Barbara Muhlbeier
Glen Manier
David Clay
Stan and Ann Lukawecki
Mike and Jackie Mescall
David Sims
Bob and Bonnie Mysinger
Louis Roberts
Janet Nye
Rose Mink
Andrew and Cheri Stewart
Mark Ahlemann
Warren and Karen Butcher
Tom and Sue Carson
Beverly McNair
Deborah May
Ray and Sue Kaercher
Margie Hunter
Laura and Tom Derr
Larry Delpha
Glenn and Elizabath Pruitt
Tom Holland
Judy Sullivan
Waynesville Garden Club
William Sparkman
Ben and Gay Adler
Peggy Kissell
In honor of Wes and Rachelle Segrist
JD and SJ Chambers
John Devlin
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Chambers
Richard Coleman
Thomas Holland
Roy and Jenny Worrell
In honor of Betty Green
Dan and Gaynell Lawson
John Morgan
In memory of Thomas Troy Downs Jr.
Susan Haslam

Dennis Beck
Dana and Sharon Babcock
Susan Prasse
Michael and Rebecca Magill
Terry and Kathy Evans
Daisy Arrington
Mike and Rhonda Mott
Gary Swint
Myron and Kim Cherry
Mitchell and DiAnne Crisp
Larry Watson
Gregory Mauldin
James and Cynthia Connor
William Murphy
Shirley Hamilton
Ruth and Steve Luther
Bob Merriman
Janie Hiscrote and Philip Stumbo
Henry and Peggy Barbour
Jay Bischof
Carl and Sandra Chappell
James and Barbara Fisher
Robert and Sharyn Ladner
James Fisher
Harold Roth and Garcia Bobbitt
Brad Makrucki
Roger and Penny Meredith
Jeff and Bonnie Weavil
Susan Hay
James and Melissa Haskell
Charles and MaryAnne Grabarczyk
Jerry and Anne Farkas
Richard and Anita Reaves
Walt and Angie Petersen
William and Carolyn Duke
Horace Kephart
Stephen and Jannette Chambers
In memory of Scott Faerber
W. Carroll White
Bill Nelson
Libby Kephart Hargrave
Dave and Debbie Mills
Mr. and Mrs. Ostmann
Howard and Cleo Haines
Hermino and Paz David
Hurbert Ostmann
Terry Slifer
Carroll Mayfield
John and Janet Tidwell
Mr. and Mrs. David Brewer
Diana Donner
Keith Goff
Katherine Channell
Lynn and Charlie Hodges