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<em>Smoky Mountain Magic</em>

Smoky Mountain Magic

SMOKY MOUNTAIN MAGIC--Horace Kephart's fictional adventure set in the Deep Creek watershed, Cherokee Indian Reservation, and Bryson City in the summer of 1925. Written in 1929 and never before published. The original manuscript was passed down for 3 generations recently surfaced during the park's 75th anniversary celebration. "What better topic than a journey into a forbidden realm, complete with witches, robber barons, noble savages and a winsome lady, all wrapped in a cloak of mystery and myth?" asks reviewer Gary Carden. Kephart is featured in Ken Burn's PBS series on our national parks. He is the author of "Our Southern Highlanders", "Cherokees of the Smokies", and "Camping and Woodcraft". Available in hardcover and softcover. Read More >


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Andrews Bald

  • Hiking Trails of the Smokies

    Revised and Updated! The Third Edition of Hiking Trails of the Smokies includes new trail profile charts, expanded and updated trail narratives, and revised, more-accurate trail mileages. Covers all 150 official trails in Great Smoky Mountains National Park with in-depth narratives and invaluable profile charts that show mileage, elevation change, and major stream crossings at a glance. Includes information on all backcountry campsites, shelters, regulations and permit/reservation information. New edition includes Mountains-to-Sea Trail and handy pocket in the back cover to hold park map. Printed on special lightweight paper. Pocket-sized. 584 pages. Weighs only 11 ounces.

  • Hiking Map & Guide (Waterproof)

    An up-to-date hiking map with topographic lines and current backcountry campsites. Full color, 1:62,500 scale. Shows all maintained park trails with mileages and has lots of information about hiking and camping in the Smokies. Waterproof.

  • GSMNP Water Bottle

    This reusable water bottle is biodegradable and recylclable.  100% Made in the USA!  BPA, DEHA, DEHP Free.  It's available in several colors or clear.  This sturdy, lightweight bottle has a screw-on top and a pull-up stopper in the lid for taking a quick sip.  It also has an image of a bear in the mountains and information about  Great Smoky Mountains National Park printed on the bottle.

Andrews Bald in June by Bernie Kaspar

Andrews Bald in June by Bernie Kaspar

Andrews Bald is a 3.6 mile roundtrp hike of moderate difficulty.  270 degree views and stunning azalea blooms in late spring and early summer.  The access road is closed to cars in winter. 

Andrews Bald in mid-June by Marvin Tarrance

Andrews Bald in mid-June by Marvin Tarrance