Mabel Meets a Black Bear teaches kids to be BearWise

Mabel Meets a Black Bear book cover and interior pages

As days lengthen and temperatures rise, black bears begin to move around in the woods searching for insects, nuts, and berries. They also look for food in the gateway communities outside Great Smoky Mountains National Park. In sync with bears’ emergence, Great Smoky Mountains Association has just released a new book teaching kids the importance […]

Bears sometimes cross roads to get our garbage

When Asheville’s Appalachian Trail star Jennifer Pharr Davis hit a huge bear with her tiny Prius, people began to pay more attention to the need for wildlife crossings in our area…

Bodacious bear to help BearWise Taskforce raise funds for education

Wood carver John Beaudet still remembers the first time he saw a bear as a kid camping in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. “I grew up in East Texas, and for my birthday in the summer, I would ask my parents to go to the Smokies,” he said. “We always went to Smokemont Campground for […]