Summer hiking tips: Part two

There are common scenarios hikers might face during the summer months: storms, ticks, and heat, to name a few. Preparing for these can help keep you safe as you explore all the beauty and wonder the Smokies have to offer…

Saving Our Smokies, one piece of litter at a time

Jerry and Darlene Willis are saving Great Smoky Mountains National Park, one piece of litter at a time. Jerry is founder and president of Save Our Smokies (S.O.S.), one of many groups that work together as Litter Patrol volunteers. Image courtesy of Jerry and Darlene Willis.

How many pieces of litter or trash do you pick up in a day? A week? A month? Imagine having organized 15 whole litter cleanup days involving large groups of people in 2021 thus far. That’s what Jerry and Darlene Willis have done. Based in west Knoxville, the pair is saving Great Smoky Mountains National […]

Save the Date and Save Wildlife

2022 GSMA Calendar

What is it about the humble wall calendar that explains its enduring popularity well into the digital era? I guess in the same way that physical mail now feels more novel than emails, or our printed photos have become more precious than the thousands of files stored on our phones, a wall calendar hanging in […]