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Since 1958, Great Smoky Mountains Association has maintained a vibrant publications program in service of its mission to support the perpetual preservation of Great Smoky Mountains National Park by promoting greater public interest and appreciation through education, interpretation, and research.

Today, the association functions as a boutique publishing house producing one or two books a year and maintaining more than 100 backlist publications in print including books, pamphlets, guides, and maps.

Our book publications program focuses on the following genres and niches:
• Books on the history of Great Smoky Mountains National Park
• Books on the human history of the area including African Americans, the Cherokee, and early White settlers
• Smokies-related biographies and human-interest stories
• Books focused on conservation and stewardship of park resources
• Hiking and camping guides related to the Smokies’ region
• Travel guides that enrich the park visitor experience
• Field guides highlighting the flora and fauna of the region
• Photography and art books related to any of the above
• Children’s and young adult books related to any of the above

Proposals for books and publishing projects may be directed to Creative Services Director Frances Figart at in the form of a one-page Word document detailing the following aspects of the work:

• Brief synopsis of contents, structure, and interpretive aims
• Target audience
• Relation of author or coauthors to the subject at hand
• Estimated length of work in word count
• Estimated manuscript completion date

All publication proposals are reviewed and approved by the Advisory Council for Book Publications. This council of experts works to ensure all association books align with the specific interpretive needs of our park partner, exemplify excellence in writing, and meet the highest standards of scientific and historical accuracy. Original works considered for publication should promote environmental stewardship of the national park, convey the significance of the natural resources the park preserves, or elaborate on the complex human narratives rooted in the Smokies region in a compelling way.

The association currently has a dozen approved publications in our production pipeline to be developed over the next three to five years. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that unsolicited book proposals would be approved for publication at this time.

Please note: No printed, hard-copy manuscripts will be accepted or read. Allow up to four months for a response from the date of proposal submission via email.

Submissions for Retail Product in Park Stores

Retail Director Dawn Roark handles requests to include previously published books as sales items in Great Smoky Mountains National Park visitor centers.

Send samples of the publication to Dawn Roark, 416 Cherry Street, Gatlinburg, TN 37738. Include contact information along with cost and retail. The samples will be given to National Park Service personnel for review. If the book is accepted by NPS, GSMA will make a business decision to make it available in the visitor centers and on our website. If GSMA decides to carry the publication, a GSMA representative will contact you to set up an account.

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