Camera in the park: Summer flowers in Cades Cove

Photography is quite simple, and yet at times it can seem hopelessly complex. Some people go to university to study photography and get advanced degrees, but others manage to do it without any special training at all…

Summer hiking tips: Part one

Gregory Bald (Tsistu’yi, or Rabbit Place, in Cherokee) is a popular summer hiking destination in the Smokies, but it’s also one that involves a challenging hike of either 11 miles round trip from Cades Cove via Gregory Ridge Trail on the north side or nearly 15 miles round trip from either Fontana or Twentymile in the south. Photo by Randy Thompson.

Imagine yourself in the open field atop Andrews Bald on a warm summer day. The shifting clouds form endless shapes, and an impromptu Rorschach test ensues with your hiking partners as you debate whether one looks like a fire-breathing dragon or a steam engine. As you pack up your lunch to hike back to the […]

Trailside Talk: Summer days

By Mike Hembree The calendar will claim that summer starts June 20. School children everywhere will claim that is wrong. And there is evidence—however anecdotal—to support their claim. Summer starts the day—no, the very hour—that the school session is over. Summer comes early to the Smokies, too, and that might be more evident this year […]