Trailside Talk: Appreciating the forest for the trees­­­

Some of the best remnants of old-growth forest in the Smokies can be found along Albright Grove Loop. Photo by Mark Steele.

Visits to Great Smoky Mountains National Park often are highlighted by sudden “moments” among the all-encompassing trees. A black bear and her cubs pop out of undergrowth along a park roadway. The dense tree canopy on a ridge opens to reveal a view stretching far into the distance. A majestic old-growth tree spreads its branches […]

Don’t take the Smokies home!

The scene is a simple one. A young boy, fascinated by slick stones in a creek, picks one up and skims it across the water, trying to reach the other bank. As wholesome as this scene may appear, it is one that shouldn’t happen in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. For the protection of Smokies […]

Trailside Talk: Christmas in the Smokies

Every December, Kermit Caughron left his home in Cades Cove to travel to Knoxville, Tennessee. There, among other things, he bought a bushel of red delicious apples, a bundle of oranges, a box of bananas, and several bags of candy, including orange slices and chocolate crème drops…

Trailside talk: Finding solitude in a busy park

For many people, national parks are about an escape from daily life, a place to find peace and quiet alongside a stream, on the shore of a deep lake, or at the highest point of a mountain…

Trailside Talk: The wonder of falling water

The Smokies have waterfalls, dozens of them. Tall, wide, swift, slow. You can find them on the roadside and deep in the Smokies wilderness. Walking to a beautiful waterfall is the objective of many Smokies hikers. The hike is often its own reward, but to round a corner in the forest, after hearing the noise […]

Trailside Talk: Approaching autumn

There are a few magical moments that bring in the seasons of the Smokies. The first snowflake blowing across the shoulders of Mount Le Conte or Mount Guyot beckons winter. The tiniest wildflower signals spring is close behind. An afternoon thunderstorm rolling across the ridge freshens the Little River and declares that summer has arrived. […]