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KEY: JSB=Just Starting to Bloom; APB=Approaching Peak Bloom; *=At Peak Bloom; BP=Beyond Peak; AG=Almost Gone

CUCUMBER GAP TRAIL (B-E): Blue Asters, Erect Golden Rod, White Asters. 
NOTE: Most of the remaining wildflowers are well past their peak.

CROOKED ARM TRAIL (B-E): SOME BLOOMS—Curtis Aster (BP), Erect Golden Rod (BP), Great Lobelia (BP), Mountain Gentian (BP), Purple Asters (BP), White Top Asters (BP).


LEAD COVE TRAIL (B-E): Curtis AsterErect Golden Rod, Purple Aster, Southern Harebell (3), White Snake Root, White Top Aster, Whitewood Aster.
BOTE MOUNTAIN TRAIL (FROM JUNCTION WITH LEAD COVE TRAIL TO JUNCTION WITH FINELY CANE TRAIL)Coreopsis (1), Curtis Aster, Erect Golden Rod, Great Lobelia, Hawkweed, Mountain Gentian*, Purple Aster, White Snakeroot, White Top Aster.
FINELY CANE (B-E): Erect Golden Rod, Purple Aster, White Snake Root, White Top Aster, Whitewood Aster.

RICH MOUNTAIN ROAD (FROM ACE GAP TO INDIAN GRAVE TRAIL)Black Eyed Susan, Coreopsis, Curtis Aster, False Fox Glove, Flowering Spurge, Golden Rod (several species), Great Lobelia, Hawkweed, Lions Foot, Mist Flower, Mountain Gentian, Pale Jewelweed, Pink Turtlehead (1), Purple Aster, Spotted Jewelweed, White Snakeroot, White Top Aster, Whitewood Aster, Yellow Aster.
INDIAN GRAVE TRAIL (From Rich Mountain Road to Rich Mountain trail)Canadian Violet (2), Curtis Aster, Golden Rod, Great Lobelia, Hawkweed, Lions Foot, Mountain Gentian, Purple Aster, White Top Aster, Whitewood Aster, Yellow Aster.
RICH MOUNTAIN TRAIL (B-E): Curtis Aster, Goldenrod, Lions Foot, Purple Aster, White Top Aster.

TRILLIUM GAP TRAIL (ROARING FORKS TO TRILLIUM GAP)MANY BLOOMS—Golden Rod*, Pale Jewelweed*, White Snake Root (various stages), White Top Aster (various stages). SOME BLOOMS—Black Cohosh (BP), Whitewood Aster (various stages).  FEW BLOOMS—Great Lobelia*, Doll Eye.

CHESTNUT TOP TRAIL (B-E): MANY BLOOMS—False Fox Glove*, Erect Golden Rod, Pale Jewelweed*, White Snakeroot (JSB), White Top Aster.  SOME BLOOMS—Hearts-a-busting*, Southern Harebell (BP), Whitewood Aster.  FEW BLOOMS—Curtis Aster*, Curtiss Milkwort*, Hawkweed*, Purple Asters (APB).

WEST PRONG TRAIL (B-E): MANY BLOOMS—White Snake Root (JSB).  SOME BLOOMS—Great Lobelia*, Hearts-a-busting (BP). FEW BLOOMS—False Fox Glove*, Early Goldenrod, Pale Jewelweed, Purple Aster*, White Top Aster.  NOTE—Noticed some white oak acorns along the trail.

METCALF BOTTOMS TRAIL (B-E): SOME BLOOMS— Hearts-a-busting (BP), Yellow Asters (BP).  FEW BLOOMS—Flowering Spurge, Golden Rod (BP), Red Clover, White Top Aster.
WALKER SISTERS CABIN TRAIL (B-E): MANY BLOOMS— Cardinal Flower*, Great Lobelia* Spotted Jewelweed (BP), White Turtlehead (APB), Yellow Asters (various stages).  SOME BLOOMS—Golden Rod (BP), Ironweed (BP), Phlox, Thistle, White Top Aster (APB).  FEW BLOOMS—Hearts-a-busting (APB), Pink Turtlehead*, Purple Aster, Southern Harebell (BP), Wild Golden Glows (BP).  NOTES—Best display of white turtlehead flowers ever seen.
LITTLE BRIER GAP TRAIL (B-E): FEW BLOOMS—Cardinal Flower*, Golden Rod (BP).
LITTLE GREENBRIER TRAIL (B TO LITTLE BRIER GAP TRAIL)SOME BLOOMS—Golden Rod (BP), Yellow Asters (BP).  FEW BLOOMS—False Fox Glove, Flowering Spurge*, Great Lobelia (APB), White Top Aster (JSB).
WEAR GAP ROAD (FROM GAP TO METCALF BOTTOMS)MANY BLOOMS—Black Eyed Susan*, Great Lobelia*, Ragweed, Spotted Jewelweed (BP), White Turtlehead*.  SOME BLOOMS—Cardinal Flower*, Hairy Milk Pea (BP), Ironweed (BP), Joe Pye Weed (BP), Mountain Mint (BP),  Partridge Pea*, Yellow Aster (BP).  FEW BLOOMS—Asiatic Day Flower*, Flowering Spurge*, Mist Flower*, Red Clover, White Top Aster.

ABRAMS FALLS TRAIL (B TO FALLS): MANY BLOOMS—Cardinal Flower*, False Fox Glove (APB), Flowering Spurge*, Goldenrod (BP), Hairy Milk Pea (BP), Joe Pye Weed (various stages), Southern Harebell (BP), Tick Trefoil (BP), Wild Sensitive Plant*, Yellow Asters*.  SOME BLOOMS—Coreopsis*, Great Lobelia (APB).  FEW BLOOMS—Black Eyed Susan*, Hawkweed (BP), Ironweed (JSB), Partridge Berry, Purple Asters (JSB), Red Clover*, White Asters (JSB), Wild Potato Vine*.

LUMBER RIDGE TRAIL (FIRST 2.7 MILES): MANY BLOOMS—Erect Goldenrod (JSB), Starry Campion (BP).  SOME BLOOMS—Joe Pye Weed (BP), Southern Harebell*.  FEW BLOOMS—Coreopsis*, False Fox Glove (JSB), Hairy Milk Pea*, Ironweed (JSB), Partridge Pea (APB), Reclining Saint Andrews Cross*, Star Grass*, White Top Aster (BP), Wood Nettle*, Yellow Aster.

OLD SUGARLANDS TRAIL (B-E): MANY BLOOMS—Erect Goldenrod (JSB), False Fox Glove (JSB), Heal All (BP), Tick Trefoil (BP).  SOME BLOOMS—Red Clover*, Southern Harebell*.  FEW BLOOMS—Cardinal Flower (APB), Coreopsis*, Daisy Fleabane (BP), Hairy Milk Pea, Joe Pye Weed (BP), Partridge Pea, Thimbleweed (AG). NOTE—There were a number of tall yellow asters a little over three miles up the trail; however I could not determine which one they were.

TURKEY PEN TRAIL (B-E): SOME BLOOMS—Goldenrod (JSB), Tick Trefoil (BP), Wood Nettle (BP), Heal All (AG).  FEW BLOOMS—Coreopsis*, False Fox Glove (JSB), Mountain Angelica (BP), Pokeweed (JSB), Rattlesnake Plantain (AG), Red Clover*, Rosebay Rhododendron*, Star Grass*, White Snakeroot (JSB), Wild Hydrangea.

LOWER MOUNT CAMMERER TRAIL (B TO CAMPSITE #35): MANY BLOOMS—Downy Wood Mint (AG). SOME BLOOMS—Coreopsis (various stages), Heal All*, Tick Trefoil*, False Fox Glove (JSB).  FEW BLOOMS—Indian Pipe*, Pale Jewelweed (JSB), Rattlesnake Plantain (AG), Rosebay Rhododendron (AG), Goldenrod (JSB).

LITTLE RIVER TRAIL (B TO CUCUMBER GAP TRAIL): MANY BLOOMS—Heal All*, Wood Nettle (BP).  SOME BLOOMS—Rosebay Rhododendron (BP), Saint John’s Wort (JSB), Tall Bellflower (BP).  FEW BLOOMS—Cardinal Flower (JSB), Coreopsis*, Pale Jewelweed (JSB), Thimbleweed (AG), Tick Trefoil*.
CUCUMBER GAP TRAIL (B-E): SOME BLOOMS—Wood Nettle (BP).  FEW BLOOMS—Black Cohosh (BP), Crimson Bee Balm (AG), Love Vine*, Rattlesnake Plantain*, Rosebay Rhododendron (BP).

JULY 11 
LEAD COVE TRAIL  (B -E): SOME BLOOMS—Rosebay Rhododendron (BP), Wood Nettle*.  FEW BLOOMS—Black Cohosh (BP), Crimson Bee Balm (BP), Rattlesnake Plantain (JSB).
BOTE MOUNTAIN TRAIL (FROM LEAD COVE TRAIL TO FINELY CANE TRAIL)MANY BLOOMS—Coreopsis*, Tick Trefoil (APB), White Top Aster (various stages). SOME BLOOMS—Heal All (APB), Reclining Saint Andrew’s Cross (JSB), Rosebay Rhododendron (BP).  FEW BLOOMS—Low Hop Trefoil (JSB), Mountain Saint John’s Wort (JSB), Star Grass*, Starry Campion (AG).
FINELY CANE TRAIL (B-E): SOME BLOOMS—Basil Bee Balm (BP), Rattlesnake Plantain*, Tick Trefoil (APB).  FEW BLOOMS—Reclining Saint Andrew’s Cross (JSB), Rosebay Rhododendron (BP).

WEST PRONG TRAIL (B-E): MANY BLOOMS—Rosebay Rhododendron (various stages).  FEW BLOOMS—Partridge Berry (BP), Rattlesnake Plantain (JSB), Saint John’s Wort (JSB), Tick Trefoil (JSB), Wood Nettle (BP).

CURRY MOUNTAIN TRAIL (B-E): MANY BLOOMS—Rosebay Rhododendron (various stages), Wild Sensitive Plant (APB).  SOME BLOOMS—Red Clover (BP), White Clover (BP).  FEW BLOOMS—Black Cohosh (JSB), Flame Azalea (AG), Wild Hydrangea (AG), Wood Nettle (JSB). NOTE—There is an excellent display and massive amount of Rosebay Rhododendron in full bloom about two miles up the trail.  Good choice for those wanting to enjoy the Rosebay Rhododendron.

JAKES CREEK TRAIL (B TO APPROXIMATELY QUARTER OF A MILE FROM END OF TRAIL)SOME BLOOMS—Common Elderberry (BP), Crimson Bee Balm*, Rosebay Rhododendron*, Wild Hydrangea (BP), Wood Nettle (JSB).  FEW BLOOMS—Daisy Fleabane (BP), Large Bluet*, Mountain St. John’s Wort (JSB).  NOTE—Spotted a sow with two cubs digging in a large log near the end of the trail.

GREGORY BALD TRAIL (FROM PARSONS BRANCH ROAD TO ~3 MILES UP THE TRAIL): MANY BLOOMS—Flame Azalea (BP),  Galax (BP), Hawkweed (BP), Large Bluet*,Loosestrife (BP), Mountain Laurel (AG), Star Grass*.  SOME BLOOMS—Canadian Violet (BP), Rosebay Rhododendron (JSB), Wild Hydrangea*.  FEW BLOOMS—Blueberry, Common Cinquefoil (BP), Curtis Aster (JSB), Goats Beard, Indian Cucumber Root (1) (BP), Indian Pipe, Spiderwort, Yellow Wood Sorrel. NOTE—I (Tom Harrington) was not able to make it up to the bald; however those that did make it said the flame azaleas on the bald were really nice.

RICH MOUNTAIN LOOP TRAIL (B-E): MANY BLOOMS— Large Bluet (various stages), Pipsissewa*, Star Grass*, Wild Hydrangea (JSB).  SOME BLOOMS—Daisy Fleabane (various stages), Flame Azalea*, Hawkweed.  FEW BLOOMS—Beard Tongue, Curtis Aster, Galax (AG), Loosestrife, Red Clover, White Clover.
CROOKED ARM TRAIL (B-E): MANY BLOOMS—Large Bluet (various stages), Star Grass*, Wild Hydrangea (JSB).  SOME BLOOMS—Basil Bee Balm (JSB), Flame Azalea, Hawkweed, Piassaba*, Indian Pipe*.  FEW BLOOMS—Galax, Loosestrife, White Milkweed*.
INDIAN GRAVE TRAIL (FROM CROOKED ARM TRAIL TO RICH MT LOOP TRAIL)MANY BLOOMS—Fire Pinks*, Hawkweed, Large Bluet*.  SOME BLOOMS—Flame Azalea (APB), Mountain Laurel, Spiderwort (AG), Star Grass*.  FEW BLOOMS—Beard Tongue*, Common Cinquefoil, Galax, White Clover.

MAY 30
METCALF BOTTOMS TRAIL (B-E): MANY BLOOMS—Large Bluet*, Mountain Laurel*, White Clover (BP).  SOME BLOOMS—Daisy Fleabane (various stages), Galax (BP), Jack-in-the Pulpit (BP).  FEW BLOOMS—Loosestrife (BP), Ox-Eyed Daisy (BP), Spiderwort (BP).
WALKER SISTERS CABIN TRAIL (B-E): MANY BLOOMS—Daisy Fleabane (various stages), Large Bluet (various stages), Mountain Laurel (BP), Red Clover (BP). SOME BLOOMS—Galax (BP), Partridge Berry (BP).  FEW BLOOMS—Bowman’s Root (BP), Hawkweed (AG), Loosestrife (BP), Wild Hydrangea (JSB).
LITTLE BRIER GAP TRAIL (B-E): MANY BLOOMS—Large Bluet*.  SOME BLOOMS—Mountain Laurel (BP).  FEW BLOOMS—Daisy Fleabane (various stages), Galax (BP), Hawkweed (AG).
LITTLE GREENBRIER TRAIL (B TO LITTLE BRIER GAP TRAIL): MANY BLOOMS—Hawkweed*, Large Bluet*, Piassaba (JSB), Star Grass*.  SOME BLOOMS—Beard Tongue (BP), Galax (BP), Mountain Laurel (BP), Partridge Berry (BP).  FEW BLOOMS—Wild Hydrangea (JSB).
WEAR GAP ROAD FROM PARK BOUNDARY TO METCALF BOTTOMS: MANY BLOOMS—Daisy Fleabane (various stages), Japanese Honeysuckle (BP), Red Clover (BP), White Clover (BP), Wild Hydrangea (JSB).  SOME BLOOMS—Golden Ragwort (AG), Meadow Parsnip (BP), Ox Eyed Daisy (BP).  FEW BLOOMS—Blackberry (AG), Four Leaf Milkweed (BP), Galax (BP), Solomon’s Seal Grande (BP), White Milkweed (JSB), Wild Geranium (AG), Yarrow (JSB).

MAY 25
RICH MOUNTAIN ROAD (FROM BOUNDARY TO INDIAN GRAVE TRAIL): MANY BLOOMS—Beard Tongue*, Four Leaf Milkweed*, Galax*, Goats Beard (various stages), Large Bluet*, Star Grass*, Daisy Fleabane (various stages), False Solomon’s Seal (various stages), Hawkweed (various stages), Robins Plantain (various stages), Bowman’s Root (BP), Golden Ragwort (AG), Ox-Eyed Daisy (BP).  SOME BLOOMS—Canadian Violet (BP), Solomon’s Seal (BP).  FEW BLOOMS—Red Clover (JSB), Blackberry (BP), Rue Anemone (BP).
INDIAN GRAVE TRAIL (From RICH MT.RD. TO RICH MT. TRAIL): MANY BLOOMS— Hawkweed*, Star Grass*, Canadian Violet (BP).  SOME BLOOMS—Blueberry*, False Solomon’s Seal*, Large Bluet*, Mountain Laurel*, Galax (various stages), Low Hop Trefoil (JSB), Solomon’s Seal (BP).  FEW BLOOMS—Fairy Wand*, White  Clover*, Flame Azalea (JSB),  Blackberry (AG), Common Cinquefoil (BP), Ox-Eyed Daisy (BP), Rue Anemone (BP), Spiderwort (BP). 
RICH MOUNTAIN TRAIL (B-E): MANY BLOOMS—Indian Pink*, Star Grass*, Galax (various stages), Hawkweed (various stages), Spiderwort (BP).  SOME BLOOMS—Flame Azalea*, Four Leaf Milkweed*, Large Bluet*, Mountain Laurel*,  False Solomon’s Seal (various stages).  FEW BLOOMS—Beard Tongue*, Blue Berry*, Common Cinquefoil (BP), Solomon’s Seal (BP).

MAY 16
ACE GAP TRAIL (B TO OLD BACKCOUNTRY CAMPSITE #7): MANY BLOOMS—Beard Tongue*, Four-Leaf Milkweed*, Hawkweed*, Maple-Leaf Viburnum*, Partridgeberry*, Spiderwort*, Star Grass*, Summer Bluet*, False Solomon’s Seal (JSB), Galax (various stages), Mountain Laurel (various stages).  SOME BLOOMS—Carolina Thistle (JSB), Blackberry (various stages), Blue Berry (various stages), Common Cinquefoil (various stages), Solomon’s Seal (BP).  FEW BLOOMS—Yellow Wood Sorrell*, Fairy Wand (JSB), Indian Pink (JSB), White Milkweed (JSB), Bar Cucumber (BP), Catesby Trillium (BP), Clinton Lily (BP), Flame Azalea (BP), Indian Cucumber Root (AG), Little Brown Jugs (BP), Loosestrife (AG), Meadow Parsnip (BP), Robins Plantain (AG), Sweet Shrub (AG), Yellow Trillium (BP).

CHESTNUT BRANCH TRAIL (B-E): MANY BLOOMS—Blackberry (JSB), Dog Hobble (BP), Wild Geranium (BP).  SOME BLOOMS—Bar Cucumber*, Indian Cucumber Root*, Stone Crop (BP), Sweet Cicely (BP).  FEW BLOOMS—Black Locust*, Dwarf Cinquefoil*, False Solomon’s Seal*, Nodding Trillium*, Star Chickweed*, Star Grass*, Galax (JSB), Common Blue Violet (BP), Common Cinquefoil (BP), Foam Flower (AG), Hooked Buttercup (BP), Long Spurred Violet (BP), Meadow Parsnip (BP), Solomon’s Seal (BP), Squaw Root (BP), Wild Comfrey (BP), Yellow Trillium (BP).
APPLACHIAN TRAIL (FROM CHESTNUT BRANCH TRAIL TO DAVENPORT GAP): MANY BLOOMS—Nodding Trillium*, Blackberry (JSB), Clinton Lily (JSB), False Solomon’s Seal (JSB), Sweet Cicely*, Yellow Trillium (various stages).  SOME BLOOMS—Bar Cucumber*, May Apple*, Crested Dwarf Iris (BP), Hooked Buttercup (BP), Squaw Root (AG).  FEW BLOOMS— Common Blue Violet*, Meadow Parsnip*, Rue Anemone*, Star Chickweed*, Solomon’s Seal, Trillium Erect, Yellow Mandarin.
STATE HIGHWAY 32 (FROM DAVENPORT GAP TO BIG CREEK RANGER STATION):  MANY BLOOMS—Bar Cucumber*, Blackberry (JSB), Alum Root (BP), Daisy Fleabane (BP).  SOME BLOOMS—Blue Eye Grass*, Alternate leaved Dogwood (JSB), Galax (JSB), Dog Hobble (BP), Golden Ragwort (BP), Lyre Leaf Sage (various stages), Wild Geranium (BP), False Solomon’s Seal (various stages), Yellow Trillium (various stages).  FEW BLOOMS—Common Blue Violet*, Maple Leaf Viburnum*, Multi-flora rose*, Ox-Eyed Daisy*, Red Clover*, White Clover*, Hawkweed (JSB),  Bed Straw (BP), Black Locust (BP), Carolina Vetch (BP), Crested Dwarf Iris (BP), Doll Eyes (BP), Foam Flower (AG), Hooked Buttercup (BP), Robin’s Plantain (BP), Solomon’s Seal (BP).

JAKES CREEK (B TO CUCUMBER GAP TRAIL):  MANY BLOOMS—False Solomon’s Seal*, Sweet White Violet*, Foam Flower (various stages), Stone Crop (BP).  SOME BLOOMS—Common Cinquefoil*, Daisy Fleabane*, Dogwood*, Golden Ragwort*, Star Chickweed*, Wild Phlox*, Wild Strawberry*, Yellow Trillium*, Sweat Cicely (BP).  FEW BLOOMS—Doll Eyes (Baneberry)*, Wild Geranium*, Hooked Buttercup (various stages), Lyre Leaf Sage (BP), Toothwort (BP).
CUCUMBER GAP TRAIL (B-E): MANY BLOOMS—Brook Lettuce*, Canadian Violet*, False Solomons Seal*, Sweet White Violet*, Yellow Trillium*, Foam Flower (various stages).  SOME BLOOMS—Common Cinquefoil*, Dogwood*, May Apple*, Rue Anemone*, Star Chickweed*, Wild Phlox*, Indian Cucumber Root (JSB), Frazier Sedge (AG), Sweet Cicely (BP).  FEW BLOOMS—Common Blue Violet*, Doll Eyes (Baneberry)*, Bishop Caps (AG), Blue Cohosh (AG), Solomons Seal (BP), Toothwort (BP), Trillium Erect (BP), Yellow Mandarin (AG).
LITTLE RIVER TRAIL (B TO CUCUMBER GAP TRAIL): MANY BLOOMS—Brook Lettuce*,Common Cinquefoil*,Dog Hobble*, False Solomon’s Seal*, Sweet White Violet*, Yellow Trillium*, Canadian Violet (various stages), Foam Flower (various stages).  SOME BLOOMS—Cancer Root*, Daisy Fleabane*, Dogwood*, Hooked Butter Cup*, Meadow Parsnip*, Wild Phlox*, Squaw Root (AG), Stone Crop (BP).  FEW BLOOMS—Golden Ragwort*, Jack-in-the-Pulpit*, Clinton Lily (JSB), Lousewort (AG), Lyre Leaf Sage (AG), Sweet Cicely (BP), Toothwort (BP).

LAKE TRAIL (B TO DARK HOLLOW TRAIL): Blue Berry, Buttercup, Carolina Vetch, Common Blue Violet, Common Cinquefoil, Daisy Fleabane, Dwarf Crested Iris, Hawkweed, Little Brown Jugs, Lyre Leaf Sage, Pinxter Flower*, Prostate Bluet, Rue Anemone, Star Chickweed, Wild Comfrey (JSB), Wild Phlox. 
DARK HOLLOW TRAIL (FROM LAKE TRAIL TO BIG VALLEY TRAIL): Beard Tongue (JSB), Carolina Vetch, Common Blue Violet, Common Cinquefoil, Coreopsis (few), Daisy Fleabane, Dwarf Crested Iris, Hawkweed, Lyre Leaf Sage, Pale Wood Sorrel (JSB), Pinxter Flower, Prostate Bluet, Rue Anemone, Star Chickweed, Star Grass, Stone Crop, Squaw Root, Wild Comfrey, Wild Geraniums, Wood Violet.
BIG VALLEY TRAIL (B TO DARK HOLLOW TRAIL): Black Berry (JSB), Common Blue Violet, Dwarf Crested Iris, Foam Flower, Hawkweed, Meadow Parsnip (JSB), Prostate Bluet, Rue Anemone, Solomon’s Seal, Wild Comfrey (JSB), Yellow Trillium.

CHESTNUT TOP TRAIL (B-E): MANY BLOOMS—Catesby Trillium*, Common Cinquefoil*, Dogwood*, False Solomon’s Seal*, Fire Pinks*, Hooked Buttercup*,Meadow Parsnip*, Solomon’s Seal*, Star Chickweed*, Star Grass*, Stone Crop*, Long Spurred Violet (AG), Purple Phacelia (BP), Vernal Iris (BP).  SOME BLOOMS—Daisy Fleabane*, Sweet White Violet*, Wild Oats*, Yellow Trillium*, Dog Hobble (JSB), Bishop Caps (AG), Sweet Cicely (BP). FEW BLOOMS—Bird foot Violet*, Common Blue Violet*, Rue Anemone*, Umbrella Magnolia*, Wood Violet*, Blackberry (JSB), Flame Azalea (various stages), Galax (JSB), Hawkweed (JSB), Bed Straw (BP), Brook Lettuce (BP), Cancer Root (BP), Carolina Vetch (BP),Foam Flower (BP), Halberd Leaf Violet (AG), Little Brown Jug (BP), Squaw Root (AG), Trillium Erect (AG), Yellow Mandarin (AG).

LUMBER RIDGE TRAIL (B TO TOP OF RIDGE): MANY BLOOMS—Common Cinquefoil*, Crested Dwarf Iris*, Dogwood*, Rue Anemone*, Silver Bells*, Star Chickweed*, Star Grass*, Sweet White Violet*, Vernal Iris*, Halberd Leaf Violet (various stages), Long Spurred Violet (BP), Robins Plantain(BP).  SOME BLOOMS—Solomon’s Seal*, Hawkweed (JSB), Squaw Root (BP), Sweet Shrub (JSB).  FEW BLOOMS—Bird foot Violet*, Cancer Root*, Common Blue Violet*, Little Brown Jugs*, Stonecrop*, Toothwort*, Wood Violet*, Yellow Trillium*, Dog Hobble (JSB), False Solomons Seal (JSB), Hairy Meadow Parsnip (JSB), Lousewort, Meadow Parsnip, Wild Oats, Yellow Mandarin, Blood Root (BP), Meadow Rue (AG), Trailing Arbutus (AG).  NOTE—There are some trees blowdown just under close to a mile up the trail that will likely need to be crawled under. Additionally, there are two places where falling trees’ roots have pulled away the floor of the trail leaving a large hole.

BIG CREEK TRAIL (B TO LOW GAP TRAIL): MANY BLOOMS—Canadian Violet*, Common Blue Violet*, Common Cinquefoil*, Creamy Yellow Violet*, Purple Phacelia*, Squirrel Corn*, Sweet White Violet*, Trillium Erect*, White Fringed Phacelia*, Wild Geranium*, Wild Phlox*, Wood Anemone*, Yellow Trillium*, Dog Hobble (JSB), Crested Dwarf Iris (various stages), Solomon’s Seal (various stages), Long Spurred Violet (BP).  SOME BLOOMS—Doll Eyes*, Jack-in-the-Pulpit*, Painted Trillium*, Fire Pink*, Silver Bells*, Wild Ginger*, Bed Straw (JSB), Hooked Buttercup (JSB), Meadow Parsnip (JSB), Sweet Cicely (JSB), Robins Plantain (various stages), Toothwort (various stages).  FEW BLOOMS—Carolina Vetch*, Dogwood*, Rue Anemone*, Brook Lettuce (JSB), False Solomon’s Seal (JSB), Large Flowered Bellwort (JSB), Lyre Leaf Sage (JSB), Umbrella Leaf (JSB), Vasey Trillium (JSB),  Wild Strawberry (JSB), Yellow Wood Sorrel (JSB), Vernal Iris (various stages),Bishop Caps (BP), Blue Cohosh (BP), Spring Beauty (BP), Squaw Root (BP).

WEST PRONG TRAIL (B-E): MANY BLOOMS—Canadian Violet*, Dogwood*, Long Spurred Violet*, Rue Anemone*, Silver Bell*, Star Chickweed*, Sweet White Violet*, Yellow Trillium*, Large Flowered Bellwort (JSB), Common Cinquefoil (various stages), Crested Dwarf Iris (various stages), Foam Flower (various stages),Vernal Iris (various stages), Squaw Root (BP), Rosebay Rhododendron (JSB).  SOME BLOOMS—Solomon’s Seal (JSB), Wood Anemone*, Toothwort (BP), Trailing Arbutus (AG), False Solomon’s Seal (JSB), Galax (JSB).  FEW BLOOMS—Common Blue Violet*, Little Brown Jugs*, Spring Beauty*, Dog Hobble (JSB), Halberd Leaf Violet (JSB), Hooked Buttercup (JSB), Stone Crop, Wild Oats (JSB), Yellow Mandarin (JSB), Robins Plantain (various stages).

TURKEY PEN TRAIL (B-E): MANY BLOOMS—Catesby Trillium*, Common Cinquefoil*, Crested Dwarf Iris*, Halberd Leaf Violet*, Long Spurred Violet*, Rue Anemone*, Sweet White Violet*, Wood Anemone*,  Squaw Root (JSB).  SOME BLOOMS—Blood Root*, Buttercup*, Robins Plantain*, Star Chickweed*, Wild Phlox*, Yellow Trillium (various), Toothwort (BP), Trailing Arbutus (BP), FEW BLOOMS—Bird Foot Violet*, Common Blue Violet*, Vernal Iris*, Foam Flower*, Little Brown Jugs (JSB), Wild Oats (JSB). 
SCHOOL HOUSE GAP TRAIL (B TO TURKEY PEN TRAIL): MANY BLOOMS—Common Cinquefoil*, Halberd Leaf Violet*, Long Spurred Violet*, Rue Anemone*, Sweet White Violet*, Wild Phlox*, Wood Anemone*,  Carolina Vetch (BP).  SOME BLOOMS—Catesby Trillium*, Star Chickweed*, Trillium Erect*, Foam Flower (JSB), Yellow Trillium (JSB), Toothwort (BP), FEW BLOOMS—Common Blue Violet*, Robins Plantain*, Creamy Yellow Violet (JSB), Golden Ragwort (JSB), Solomon’s Seal (JSB),  
BOTE MOUNTAIN TRAIL (B TO FINELY CANE TRAIL): MANY BLOOMS—Long Spurred Violets*, Sweet White Violets*.  SOME BLOOMS—Carolina Vetch (BP).  FEW BLOOMS—Robins Plantain*, Star Chickweed*, Lousewort (JSB), Toothwort (BP). 
FINELY CANE TRAIL (B-E): MANY BLOOMS—Common Cinquefoil*, Crested Dwarf Iris*,  Large Flowered Bellwort*, Long Spurred Violet*, Rue Anemone*,  Sweet White Violet*, Wood Anemone*, Foam Flower (various stages),  Blue Cohosh (BP),  Squaw Root (BP).  SOME BLOOMS—Bishop Caps*, Blood Root*, Halberd Leaf Violet*, Silver Bell*, Spring Beauty*, Star Chickweed*, Trillium Erect*, Yellow Trillium (JSB), Toothwort  (BP).  FEW BLOOMS—Common Blue Violet*, Hepatica*, Creamy Yellow Violet (JSB), Little Brown Jugs (JSB).

MIDDLE PRONG TRAIL (B to Indian Flat Falls): MANY BLOOMS—Fringed Phacelia*, Dutchmen’s Breeches*, Rue Anemone*, Squirrel Corn*, Trillium Erect*.  SOME BLOOMS—Canadian Violet*, Hepatica*, Sweet White Violets*, Toothwort*, Creamy Yellow Violet (JSB).  FEW BLOOMS—Blood Root*, Frazier Sedge*, Long Spurred Violet*, Star Chickweed*, Bishop Caps (JSB), Common Cinquefoil (JSB), Foam Flower (JSB), Hooked Butter Cup (JSB), Wild Strawberry (JSB).

PORTER CREEK TRAIL (B-E): MANY BLOOMS—Common Cinquefoil*, Halberd Leaf Violet*, Large Flowered Trillium*, Long Spurred Violet*, Robins Plantain*, Rue Anemone*, Spring Beauty*, Sweet White Violet*, Trillium Erect*, Trout Lily*, White Fringed Phacelia*, Wild Geranium*, Wild Phlox*, Wood Anemone*, Bishop Caps (APB), Hepatica (APB), Yellow Trillium (various).  SOME BLOOMS—Common Blue Violet*, Crested Iris (APB), Blue Cohosh (JSB), Golden Ragwort (BP), Seersucker Sedge (BP).  FEW BLOOMS—Creamy Yellow Violet*, Dutchmen’s Breeches*, Frasier’s Sedge*, Prostate Bluet*, Squirrel Corn*, Toothwort*, Wild Ginger*, Wild Strawberry*, Meadow Rue (APB), Meadow Parsnip (APB), Brook Lettuce (JSB), Yellow Mandarin (JSB). NOTES—If I had an excellent command of the English language and could properly describe the Large Flowered Trillium and White Fringed Phacelia, you would most likely think I was pulling your leg. By all means possible, anyone that enjoys wildflowers and is able should go at least as far as Fern Falls. For those not able to walk very far, the first half of the trail from the parking lot is very accessible and has an excellent display of flowers.

PORTER CREEK: Smooth Rock Cress, Ginger, Hepatica, Little Brown Jug, Canada Violet, Spring Beauty, Golden Ragwort, Hairy Buttercup, May Apple (JSB), Dutchman’s breeches, Bloodroot (BP), White Fringed Phacelia*, Birdfoot Violet, Blue Cohosh*, Squaw-root, Dog-hobble (JSB), Trout Lily, Meadow Parsnip, Bishop’s Cap, Foamflower, Toothwort, Showy Orchis (JSB), Brook Lettuce, Yellow Trillium, White Trillium, Stonecrop, Common Cinquefoil, Wood Anemone, Creeping Phlox, Wild Geranium, Robin’s – plantain, Common Blue Violet, False Solomon’s Seal (JSB), Solomon’s Seal (JSB), Rue Anemone. Reported by park volunteer Frances Hensley.

LEAD COVE TRAIL (B-E): MANY BLOOMS—Rue Anemone*, Halberd Leaf Violet (JSB), Yellow Trillium (JSB), Seersucker Sedge (BP), Solitary Pussytoes (BP).  SOME BLOOMS—Blood Root*, Sweet White Violet*, Trailing Arbutus*, Spring Beauty (JSB), Squaw Root (JSB).  FEW BLOOMS—Star Chickweed*, Trout Lily*, Common Blue Violet (JSB), Common Cinquefoil (JSB), Creamy Yellow Violet (JSB), Foam Flower (JSB), Little Brown Jugs (JSB), Meadow Rue (APB), Trillium Erect (JSB), Wood Anemone (JSB).
BOTE MOUNTAIN TRAIL (From Lead Cove Trail to Finely Cane Trail): MANY BLOOMS—Solitary Pussytoes (BP).  SOME BLOOMS—Rue Anemone*, Trailing Arbutus*.  FEW BLOOMS—Common Blue Violet (JSB).
FINELY CANE TRAIL (B-E): MORE BLOOMS—Long Spurred Violet*, Rue Anemone*, Blood Root (JSB), Squaw Root (JSB).  SOME BLOOMS—Seersucker Sedge (BP), Sweet White Violet*, Toothwort (JSB), Blue Cohosh (JSB), Foam Flower (JSB), Halberd Leaf Violet (JSB).  FEW BLOOMS— Star Chickweed*, Bishop Caps (JSB), Catesby Trillium (JSB), Hepatica (JSB), Large Flowered Bellwort (JSB), Pennywort (JSB),Yellow Trillium (JSB).

LOWER MOUNT CAMMERER TRAIL (B TO CAMPSITE #35): MANY BLOOMS— Blood Root*, Halberd Leaf Violet*,, Bishop Cap (JSB), Hepatica (JSB), Rue Anemone*, Toothwort (JSB), Spring Beauty (JSB).  FEW BLOOMS—Star Chickweed, Common Blue Violet (JSB), Creamy Yellow Violet (JSB), Early Buttercup (JSB), Large Flowering Bellwort (JSB), Long Spurred Violet (JSB), Sweet White Violet (JSB), Trillium Erect (JSB), Trout Lily (JSB), Wild Geranium (JSB), Wild Phlox (JSB), Wood Anemone (JSB), Yellow Trillium (JSB),  Blue Cohosh (JSB), Meadow Rue (JSB), Plantain Leaf Sedge (BP).  NOTES—There’s a good display on the first-third mile of the trail.  After that, the next half-mile there are very few flowers. On the way to campsite #35 there is a sporadic display of flowers for about 30 feet, both below and above the trail.  The road going to Porter Creek/Ramsey Cascade was closed the morning of March 28—recommend checking to see if it is open first.

CHESTNUT TOP (from 441 to Chestnut Top): MANY BLOOMS— Blood Root*, Rue Anemone*, Star Chickweed*, Halberd Leaf Violet (JSB), Hepatica (JSB), Yellow Trillium (JSB).  SOME BLOOMS—Dutchmen’s Breeches*, Toothwort*, Bishop Caps (JSB), Large Flowered Trillium (JSB), Spring Beauty (JSB).  FEW BLOOMS—Common Blue Violet*, Sweet White Violet*, Trailing Arbutus*, Creamy Yellow Violet (JSB), Wild Ginger (JSB), Wood Anemone (JSB), Blue Cohosh, Meadow Rue, Crested Dwarf Iris (JSB), May Apple (JSB).
COVER HARDWOOD TRAIL (B-E): MANY BLOOMS— Hepatica (JSB), Large Flowered Trillium (JSB), White Fringed Phacelia (JSB).  SOME BLOOMS—Rue Anemone*, Star Chickweed*, Bishop Caps (JSB), Spring Beauty (JSB), Yellow Trillium (JSB).  FEW BLOOMS—Trout Lily*, Creamy Yellow Violet (JSB), Common Blue Violet (JSB), Sweet White Trillium (JSB), Wood Anemone (JSB).
CHESTNUT TOP TRAIL (1ST Quarter of mile): MANY BLOOMS— Long Spurred Violet*, Spring Beauty*, Star Chickweed*, Stone Crop (JSB), Yellow Trillium (JSB).  SOME BLOOMS—Blood Root*, Rue Anemone*, Bishop Caps (JSB), Large Flowered Trillium (JSB), Purple Phacelia (JSB), Sweet White Trillium (JSB), Toothwort (BP).  FEW BLOOMS—Common Blue Violet*, Pennywort*, Common Cinquefoil (JSB), Early Buttercup (JSB), Meadow Parsnip (JSB)- F, Squaw Root (JSB), Plantain Leaf Pussytoe (BP).

Porter Creek Trail: Putty Root leaf, Spring Beauty, Sweet White Violet, HepaticaDutchman’s breeches, Bloodroot, White Fringed Phacelia, Trout Lily, Robin’s Plantain, Phlox, Common Blue Violet, Star Chickweed, Canada Violet, Mayapple, Spring Beauty, Blue Cohosh. Reported by park volunteer Frances Hensley.

LITTLE RIVER TRAIL (B TO CUCUMBER GAP TRAIL): MANY BLOOMS—Hepatica (JSB), Seersucker Sedge (BP), Spring Beauty (JSB).  SOME BLOOMS—Rue Anemone (JSB).  FEW BLOOMS—Bishop Cap, Common Blue Violet (JSB), Creamy Yellow Violet, Trout Lily (JSB), Yellow Trillium.
CUCUMBER GAP TRAIL (B-E): MANY BLOOMS—Halberd Leaf Violet (JSB), Hepatica (various stages), Rue Anemone*, Spring Beauty (JSB).  SOME BLOOMS—Seersucker Sedge (BP).  FEW BLOOMS—Star Chickweed, Wood Anemone (JSB).  NOTE—Thus far it appears to be the year of the Hepatica. May be at peak bloom by early to midweek next week on both trails listed.

PORTER CREEK: IN BLOOM—Bloodroot, Canadian Violet, Common Blue Violet, Daisy Fleabane, Jewelweed, Smooth Solomon’s Seal, Star Chickweed. Reported by park volunteer Frances Hensley.
BIG GREENBRIER TO COURTING ROCK: IN BLOOM—Bloodroot, Canadian Violet, Northern Violet, Common Blue Violet, Solomon’s Seal (9-12 inches but no buds), Star Chickweed. Reported by park volunteer Frances Hensley.

OLD SUGARLANDS TRAIL (B-E): MANY BLOOMS—Solitary Pussytoes (in higher elevation appear to have frost/freeze burn).  SOME BLOOMS—Long Spurred Violet.  FEW BLOOMS—Plantain Leaf Pussytoe, Seersucker Sedge, Star Chickweed, Yellow Trillium (many are budded).  JUST STARTING TO BLOOM—Common Blue Violet (will likely be in full bloom by the end of the week), Common Cinquefoil (will likely be in full bloom by the end of the week).  NOTES—One spot along the trail has a lot of Trout Lily foliage coming up.

CADES COVE LOOP: In the late 30s, there was a Civilian Conservation Corps camp in Cades Cove just beyond the Missionary Baptist Church. At the camp, daffodils were planted to spell out the camp number, “CAMP 5247,” and they are currently at peak bloom. They are located approximately 60 yards from the road behind a large cedar tree. Hopefully the severe cold weather coming tonight will not harm them. Along the loop road there are some Common Cinquefoil and Spring Beauties in bloom, plus one Common Blue Violet.
NORRIS RIVER BLUFF TRAIL (B-E): MANY BLOOMS—Blood Root (various stages), Hepatica, Toothwort (various stages).  SOME BLOOMS—Seersucker Sedge (BP).  FEW BLOOMS—Common Blue Violet, Unidentifiable Blue Violet.  BUDDED—Dutchmen’s Breeches (1).

LITTLE BRIER GAP (B-E): Trailing Arbutus (5 clumps of blooms).
LITTLE GREENBRIER TRAIL (B TO LITTLE BRIER GAP TRAIL JUNCTION): Trailing Arbutus (approximately a dozen blooms—mostly on the first half of the trail).
WEAR GAP ROAD (PARK BOUNDARY TO METCALF BOTTOMS): Rue Anemone (two patches of multi-blooms in area on left just past Roundtop Trailhead), Solitary Pussytoes (just starting to bloom about a tenth of a mile before Metcalf Bottoms on left).

One Wood Violet was found in bloom today on the Indian Grave Trail between the Rich Mount Loop Trail and the Rich Mount Trail.

PORTER CREEK TRAIL (B-E): MANY BLOOMS—Heptica (start about a tenth of a mile from long foot log bridge), Spring Beauty (good number of blooms and a lot of buds, mostly between bridge & Fern Falls),Star Chickweed (~31 blooms, mostly between the bridge & Fern Falls).  FEW BLOOMS—White Fringed Phacelia (between bridge & Fern Falls). NOTE— There are a decent number of the Hepatica blooming beyond Fern Falls.

CHESTNUT TOP TRAIL: The following Wildflowers were found blooming on the first two/tens of a mile on Chestnut Top Trail: Long Spurred Violet—3 blooms, 1 bud; Spring Beauty—1 bloom; Star Chickweed—3 blooms, 1 bud.